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Solar Chargers

Freeloader PICO is a compact and lightweight solar charger designed for people on the move! Using advanced solar cell and lithium ion battery technologies, PICO will charge its internal battery in double quick time. It then takes only 30 minutes to deliver its power to give a mobile phone 35 hours, iPod 14 hours, GPS 1 ½ hours etc etc.

Freeloader is super compact and lightweight. The solar powered battery bank delivers class leading charging performance providing a full day‘s charge for all your electronic gadgets.

With an all-weather solar cell that's upto 50% more efficient than the competition, the charger is the perfect companion for smartphone, tablet, MP3 player. camera and console, thanks to its integrated charging arms (Lightning & micro USB) and an USB socket.

Freeloader Globetrotter is a fast charging power on the move ideal for powering any type of adventure. Comprising of a Freeloader and a Supercharger 5W that when combined give you the fastest portable solar charging system you can get

Freeloader Pro is the ultimate solar charger capable of powering virtually every electrical device, anywhere in the world, whether on a beach, a mountain, jungle or the Polar ice cap. Freeloader Pro uses its high power solar panels or USB (cable supplied) to quickly charge its internal battery (7 – 9 hours in sunny conditions). Once fully charged Freeloader Pro is capable of delivering enough power to give a mobile phone 70 hours of standby time, 5000 page turns on an eBook or a 100% full charge for a digital camera battery.

Freeloader Click is the ideal power package for the amateur or professional photographer who wants back up power on the move. Comprising of a Freeloader and a Camcaddy 2 that when combined give you best way to charge your camera and portable gadgets on the move. 

The CamCaddy2 Camera Battery Charger has been completely redesigned from the ground up with the all new CamCaddy2 adding a host of enhanced features to deliver even better and faster battery charging performance