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Dingo Solar Charge Controllers

The Dingo is the next generation of advanced charge controllers and is in a class of its own. The advantages are reliability, easy to understand, one button interface and proven, easy to learn menu structure.Symmetrical charge and load currents.Industry standard four stage charging regime.Unbeatable high temperature performance. Full charge and full load current, without interruption to operation, in a 50C ambient.

The Dingo has two models one for positive ground and the other for negative ground as required for use in vehicles.This makes it much easier to use in vehicles and easier to understand for people used to working with vehicle systems. The Dingo works well everywhere, but excels in camper vans, motor homes, caravans, cars, trucks and boats.

The Dingo communication interface makes use of the MODBUS protocol, which has been tried and tested in harsh environments. Its large memory allows data to be stored such as charging Ah, load Ah, battery voltage range and the daily state of charge for 512 days. The data of the past 99 days can be accessed using the LC display with LED back lighting. Zero-potential contacts, which are required in many generator starting systems, are now included in the basic model of the charge controller.

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