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SPS Solar Regulators

The SPS solar regulation system is an advanced solar charge regulation system designed for use with solar power supplies in remote locations.The SPS series use a standard control board which can be used with a variety of switch boards. The range of combinations available is set out below in the table or the data downloads on this page. All versions can be ordered without load control if required. The controllers can be supplied as positive or negative ground and have an English display.

The SPS regulator is designed to control the charging of batteries from photovoltaic panels and to control the load voltage supply for voltage sensitive equipment. It is designed for use in remote power supply systems for telecommunications or monitoring equipment. The charge regulation and load control voltages are fully adjustable. The display is used to show battery voltage, load voltage, solar array voltage, charge current and load current. On the charge side, two stage boost/float regulation is used. The regulation voltages are adjustable via the keypad and display.

Up to four stage bank switching can be used which allows taper charging in the boost mode and low speed switching regulation in the float mode. Coupled with controlled rise and fall time switching, this allows the regulator to achieve very low levels of audio and radio frequency emissions. These low levels of interference make the unit particularly well suited to operation of telecommunication equipment in weak signal areas.The SPS system will prevent overcharging, reduce electrolyte loss and stop over discharge. This will extend battery life and reduce maintenance.

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