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Solar LED Street Light Kits

Solar LED Street Light Kits have the ability to provide continuous power in any environment makes solar systems perfect for street lighting systems of any size and any type. From lighting small park paths up to busy main roads in big cities. Off-Grid PV systems are the best long term solution with the best cost-performance ratio. The solar systems can be designed for any duration of lighting at night in many regions of this world.

Better Lighting

The LED light kits include the latest PV LED technology with high quality light emitting diodes (LED). Thus introducing new standards of efficiency, production and reliability that seemed unreachable until a few years ago. The LED street lamp emits a white light, and this colour allows a better perception of colours and details in comparison with a SOX lamp with a mean time between failure (MTBF) of 100.000 hours.


Modular linear installation along the street, each light unit is an independent entity.

No costly expenditure for underground or above ground cables to be purchased and laid.

Fully automatic operation.

Environmental benefits (clean energy).

GSM programmability and monitoring as option.

Configuration with bluetooth as option.

Solenttech provide perfectly designed turn-key solutions including lamp, module, battery, charge controller and installation material (excluding pole).

The Street light kits on the next page are designed for 5 autonomy days, 12V, 24V and 48V systems, 12 hours of lighting per day with lamps of 20 W, 24 W and 30 W. For different sizings and bigger systems up to 60 W please ask our sales team