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Solar Fridge Freezers

These solar powered fridge / freezers are perfectly optimised for use in DC solar applications. Energy efficiency is important for DC power fridges. They have a silent DC compressor specially designed for optimum use of the available solar power within system.

The Steca Solar Fridge Freezer can be supplied as stand alone unit if you already have the components to operate it as a DC solar powered system or configured with a kit which can be seen in our fridge freezer kit section on this website. They are the best solution for reliable cooling and freezing needs far from the electricity grid in any remote location. The kits include the Steca PF 166 solar fridge/freezer. The larger Steca PF240 can also be configured as a bespoke system upon request. This can also be used for either cooling or freezing.

The Refrigeration Kits are suitable for use in hospitals/health posts/clinics/vaccine storage, grocery stores,remote camps/hotels and any remote commercial or residential building.The system voltage is 24vdc.

Each kit is available in four different variations according to the relevant irradiation/country zone where you intend to use the equipment. Have a look on the irradiation map in the solar pv refrigeration kit section of our website,locate your zone IG 1-4 and your choice of Fridge or Freezer. You are then ready to order your preferred system.

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