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Solar Vaccine Refrigerators


Dometic Compression refrigerators, freezers and ice liners are made of rotomoulded polyethylene. Their products are really robust for intensive use built with 100 mm polyurethane foam and silicon gasket provide optimal insulation allowing an operating temperature range 0 – 43 °C. Some have separate compartments, each for refrigerating vaccines and freezing icepacks.

Alternatively other models are available as an icelined vaccine refrigerator which is also available as a vaccine
freezer. A preset setpoint of –20 °C can be changed by a technician. The Dometic TCW 2000 SDD is a Solar Direct Drive unit

Sure Chill

Sure Chill works on the principle that water is at its densest at 4C. Water, not ice, surrounds a Sure Chill refrigeration compartment. When power is supplied to the refrigerator, the water cools and ice is formed above the compartment leaving only water at 4C cooling the contents. When the power is switched off, the water warms and rises while the ice begins to melt. This keeps only water at a perfect 4C cooling the contents of the compartment. The system can operate like this, without any power whatsoever, for many days. 

Health Refrigerator Care Kits

Our Refrigerator or Freezer Health Care Kits provide a complete kit for solar cooling or freezing, ventilation and lighting. The kits compride of a 166L or 240L Fridge/Freezer, two fans and two light tubes, plus all equipment for charging and installation. Ideal for the use in health posts/clinics, field/remote hospitals and hospitals that are located far from the grid. The kits are suitable for 6 hours of lighting and 12 hours of ventilation per day. Cooling temperature is +3C. System voltage is 12/24 Volt. See Data Sheet

Each kit is available for four irradiation/country zones where you intend to use the equipment. Have a look on the irradiation map in this section and find your matching system and then you are ready to order.

The refrigerator can be used as either a refrigerator or freezer or both, selectable at the time of order.