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Dometic Vaccine Refrigerators

Dometic Solar DC and SDD Vaccine Refrigerators

Dometic Compression refrigerators, freezers and ice liners are made of rotomoulded polyethylene. They are really robust for intensive use. They are built with 100mm polyurethane foam and a silicon gasket providing optimal insulation allowing an operating temperature range 0 – 43 °C. The Dometic RCW42 and the Dometic RCW50 as well as the Dometic TCW2000 have separate compartments, each for refrigerating vaccines and freezing icepacks.

The Dometic TCW3000 exists as a icelined vaccine refrigerator. The same model is available as a vaccine
freezer. A preset setpoint of –20 °C can be changed by a technician.


  • Fully WHO immunization standard
  • Compressor technology
  • CFC and HCFC free
  • Big vaccine storage capacity
  • Big pack storage capacity
  • TCW 2000 SDD is a Solar Direct Drive unit