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Solar Health Care Fridge/Freezer

Solar Powered Refrigerator and Freezer Health Care / Vaccine Kit

Our Refrigerator or Freezer Health Care Kit provides a complete kit for solar cooling, ventilation and lighting. The kits include either a 166L or 240L Fridge or Freezer, two fans and two light tubes, plus all equipment for charging and installation. Ideal for the use in health posts/clinics, field/remote hospitals and hospitals that are located far from the grid. The kits are suitable for 6 hours of lighting and 12 hours of ventilation per day. Cooling temperature is +3C. System voltage is 12/24 Volt. See data sheet.

Each kit is available for four irradiation/country zones where you intend to use the equipment. Have a look on the irradiation map in this section and find your matching system and then you are ready to order.

The refrigerator can be used as either a Refrigerator or Freezer or both, selectable at the time of order and sizing.