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Solar LED Light Kits

Solar LED Light Kits

Our range of solar LED light kits include the new Sundaya Ulitium series which uses energy-efficient LED technology and allows for an affordable system,which is also modular and expandable according to the consumer's needs.

The T-Lite is an ideal illumination system and can be used for a variety of tasks. Whether as a ceiling lamp, table lamp, or as a manageable torch. It has eight high quality LED lamps which reach a considerably high illumination level of 180 lumen providing a long luminous period.

The Phocos PICO lamp is a solar PV LED lamp system, designed for your off-grid long term lighting requirements which can be configured for professional, leisure, home or emergency lighting requirements. 

The Solar Mate series of LED light kits provide a lighting kit in a box! Where mains quality lighting is needed in remote locations, such as workshops, stables, summer houses, garden offices, garages, sheds etc Solar Mate is the answer.Solar Mate addresses the problem of illuminating remote areas where no mains power exists.