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Narrow Boat Solar Kits

These Solar Panel Roof top Kits are designed for use on Narrow boats where the time spent away from a mains hook up is no more than 7 days. Also useful for charging more power hungry consumer appliances such lap top computers, TV’s and much more.
The solar panel provides a continuous trickle feed maintaining and extending the life of any 12 volt battery and is supplied with all the necessary cables, connectors and detailed installation instructions 
Also included in these kits is a Narrow Boat bracket system that will let you change the position of the solar panel to optomise your charging.
The Charge controller is included with this kit to protect the battery from being overcharged and to prevent reverse current drain.
  • High efficiency crystalline cell for “all weather” charging
  • Water resistant, robust construction for outdoor use.
  • Adjustable angle Narrow boat bracket
  • 20 year cell warranty and 10 year module warranty**

**Cell performance warranty states that at 20 years the cell output will be no less than 80% of new performance values – i.e the cell degradation rate will be no greater than 20% in 20 years