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DC Solar Powered TV's

DC Solar Powered Televisions

These DC powered Solar televisions are available as stand alone TV's or as kits. They provide off-grid entertainment and provide high quality audio and images. Their power consumption is extremely low.

As a TV kit they include a solar module, battery, charge controller and all installtion accessories. System sizing is based on the hours per day television useage, the irradiation zone of the user and a autonomy of 3 days.

All models have the new alphatronics triple tuner built in. It features a DVBS-S 2, a DVB-T and a DVB-C tuner. Three receiver units in one – no matter how you wish to receive your TV programmes, the R-range is perfectly equipped. The DVB-S2 tuner enables you to connect your satellite dish directly with your TV, which eliminates the need for an external receiver as well as a second remote control.

The built-in DVB-T tuner allows for nearly unlimited reception of high quality, digital programmes throughout Europe. Simply connect an external DVB-T antenna (please see alphatronics accessories) to your television.

Trouble-free reception of TV programmes via a cable network is guaranteed with the built-in DVB-C tuner. Enjoy high definition TV (HDTV), a result of the MPEG 4 standard in the alphatronics triple tuner. Encoded programmes (pay TV) are received via the built-in CI slot.