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Solar Panel Multi-Kits 100-200W

Solar Panel Multi-Kits 100-200W. These Solar Panel Caravan, Motorhome and Boat Charging Kits, 100W - 200W enable you to provide yourself with electricity just as if you were connected to the grid. They can be installed on your caravan, motor home, vehicle, boat, holiday home, hospital, school or any stand alone off-grid application. With the help of an inverter you can even connect some 230V/120V devices to your battery. Just assemble, connect, and you are ready to go.

Mobile Solar Panel Battery Charging Kits enable you to operate a wide range of consumer devices without any problems. You can power products such as DC fridge freezer, LED lights, fans, water pumps, illumination, radio, TV/SAT, compressor, heater blowers, or even small pond pumps.

These kits are easy to install and include the necessary parts and instructions for installation. We offer different size kits for lighting, cooling and ventilation selected by our off-grid experts.