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Solar Panel Fan Ventilation Kits

These Solar Panel Fan Ventilation Kits provide a customized solution for indoor ventilation. The Kit guarantees a cool airflow for big rooms, including one fan. The ceiling fans can be used up to 12 hours a day.

These kits are an easy-to-install turnkey solution for indoor ventilation in off-grid stand alone locations. The kits include solar panels, batteries, a fan and the accessories for charging and the installation instructions. Ideal for use in schools, remote offices, public buildings, health centres/clinics, hospitals or holiday homes. The system voltage is 24 Volts. Each kit is available in four different variations according to the relevant irradiation zones in your country or wherever you intend to install the kit. Have a look on the irradiation map in this section and find out in which irradiation group 1-4 your system will be located and you are then ready to order the correct kit.