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SMA Sunny Tripower PV Inverters

The SMA Sunny Tripower three-phase inverter for your home has has been designed with leading-edge technology and top yields. The Sunny Tripower PV plant ranges from 5 to 29 kW of power is setting new standards for home systems. It features an asymmetric multi-string and Optiflex technology to ensure the highest in flexibility while combining peak efficiency with the OptiTrac Global Peak system to generate the highest in yields.

In addition to communication via the external Bluetooth-antenna, the PV plant comes with a direct Sunny Portal connection via SMA Webconnect as standard and now for the first time without data loggers. In addition, the “small” Sunny Tripower comes with integrated grid management functions, is capable of reactive power supply and is suitable for operation with a 30 mA RCD.

Full of pioneering technology and highly flexible plant design with the three-phase Sunny Tripower inverter. Thanks to Optiflex technology, two MPP inputs and a broad input voltage range, it is suited to almost any module configuration. It meets any requirement such as reactive power supply, grid support thus reliably participating in grid management. The safety concept Optiprotect with its self-learning string-failure detection, electronic string fuse and integrable DC surge arrester type II, ensures maximum availability.

Peak performance at a significantly reduced specific price the new Sunny Tripower TL Economic Excellence is the next logical step in the development of the Sunny Tripower series in terms of achieving an optimum price-performance ratio. On the one hand, it brings with it a considerable reduction in investment costs, while on the other hand guaranteeing exceptionally high yields with an efficiency of 98.5%. Hence, the Sunny Tripower TL Economic Excellence is the ideal inverter solution for uniformly structured PV plants on the medium to very large scale.

The focus is on the essentials and meets all requirements,including reactive power provision, grid support, and grid management integration.