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Rolls 5000 Series Solar Batteries

Rolls 5000 series solar batteries are deep cycle dual container batteries with elimination of "stray" current, no acid leakage, no racks required, easy "on site" assembly, less connections resulting in an increase in charge efficiency,10year warranty, easy on-site assembly with no special tools or skills required. Supplied fully charged with inter-connectors.

Self Discharge: 2-3% per month.

  • 3200 cycles to 50% DOD
  • 2100 cycles to 80% DOD
  • 10 year warranty

The Rolls 5000 Series now come with:

  • Water Miser Battery Caps - for reduced water loss
  • Interconnection leads
  • Terminal caps


Lead Crystal Batteries

To overcome the fundamental flaws of lead-acid, gel and AGM batteries, such as plate sulfation, active material loss, high water loss rate, serious acid pollution, poor low temperature performance, short life cycle, poor transport safety, Betta Batteries successfully developed Lead Crystal® batteries. Lead Crystal Batteries have an unique proprietary technology; five exclusive patented technological innovations.

Betta Batteries commercialises Lead Crystal® batteries, the better alternative to lead acid, lead gel and AGM batteries. Betta Batteries is the only manufacturer of Lead Crystal® batteries worldwide.


Robust, resilient, high performing. Lead Crystal® batteries can be discharged deeper, cycled more often (even in extreme temperatures) and have a longer service life. They recover to full rated capacity over and over again.


A unique micro-porous high absorbent mat (AGM), pure lead plates, safe SiO2 electrolyte solution that solidifies into
a white crystalline powder when charged/discharged.

Cleaner & Safe

Less acid, no cadmium, no antimony. Lead Crystal® batteries are up to 99% recyclable and are classified as non-hazardous goods for transport.


Lead Crystal® batteries are being used in telecoms, UPS, petrochemi/marine, defence, renewable energy. health care, manufacturing, transportation and electric motion(wheelchairs, golf carts and trolleys).