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Rolls Series 5000 Solar Battery

Rolls Solar Series 5000 Deep Cycle Battery

Rolls 5000 series solar batteries are deep cycle dual container batteries with elimination of "stray" current, no acid leakage, no racks required, easy "on site" assembly, less connections resulting in an increase in charge efficiency,10year warranty, easy on-site assembly with no special tools or skills required. Supplied fully charged with inter-connectors.

Self Discharge: 2-3% per month.

  • 3200 cycles to 50% DOD
  • 2100 cycles to 80% DOD
  • 10 year warranty

The Rolls 5000 Series now come with:

  • FREE Water Miser battery caps - for reduced water loss
  • FREE Interconnection leads
  • FREE Nut and bolts
  • FREE Terminal caps
  • FREE Delivery to most of the UK mainland