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Flexible Solar PV Panels

Choose from a wide range of Flexible and Semi Flexible solar panels with unique product design features, for use with numerous off-grid land, mobile, hybrid and marine applications. They are also designed for harsh conditions at sea and for the challenges off-road and outdoors applications.

The solar panel manufacturers have successfully integrated the power and reliability of crystalline silicon cells, combined with the lightness and flexibility of modern polymers. The use of lightweight polymer films instead of traditional glass allows new applications for the proven technology of crystalline silicon cells.

All solar panels have been designed and manufactured using the latest in cutting edge technology allowing you to capture the sun’s energy and convert the solar power into electrical current and power a range of appliances. The use of crystalline silicon technology which is more efficient than amorphous or thin film solutions, particularly in lower light conditions. All solar panels are accredited with the internationally recognised IEC 61215 certification.

All products supplied by us are manufactured under ISO 9001~2008 conditions and conform to all UK and international requirements such as UK MCS, CE EMC directives, IEC and UL.

  • Solbian Flexible Solar Panels are made using the careful choice of materials and their thickness creating the right balance between protection of thin photovoltaic cells and the creation of a flexible and light case.

  • Ascent Solar WaveSol Flexible Solar Modules use lightweight thin-film PV technology fluoropolymer compatible with commercial four way solar plugs and is an innovative solution for easily integrating solar power into limitless products and applications.

  • ApolloFLEX Mono Flexible Solar Modules charges your on-board battery of your motorhome, caravan, boat or other vehicle automatically, silently and maintenance free for use in most environments, even with saltwater.

  • PV Logic Fold-Up Solar Panels are the most efficient way to keep a car, truck, boat or caravan battery charged. Whether preventing a car battery from going flat whilst parked at an airport or maintaining and extending the life of a caravan battery whilst in winter storage, these Fold-up Solar Panels have the power to ensure your battery will work when you need it most.

  • Flexi PV Solar Panel is a tough, fully weather resistant, flexible solar panel designed for use in the harshest environmental conditions. Suitable for permanent fixing or stand alone use, the Flexi PV kit is ideal for battery maintenance, camping / caravanning, electric fence power and many more applications.

  • The Sunware Series 20 solar module has been designed with a cable output front for glueing and screwing. The 20-series includes nine module types of different power ratings & sizes. All modules in the 20-series can be combined to a larger system.

    Whether long and slim or preferably square the nine different models offer plenty of choice to find the right size for you, optimising your surfaces for maximum gain. All SunWare modules are built using only the best crystalline cells based on stringent efficiency criteria. The modules are safe to walk on with boat shoes and perfectly conform to the curvature of the deck.

  • The Sunware Series 40 solar module with a cable output rear has been designed for many applications that require modules with concealed cable outlets to prevent access from the outside. Designed with aesthetics in mind, the exceptionally flat front of the 40-series modules blends perfectly with the deck of elegant yachts.

    Solar systems used for industrial applications, such as outdoor controls, HGV bodies, vans or containers, are crucial for their operation and security. To this end, the cable outlet is inaccessible from the outside, protecting the system from unauthorised manipulation.

  • SunWare TX-Solar Modules are foldable with a textile frame. They provide solar energy on board but without permanent installation of modules by either drilling or gluing on deck! Tarpaulin, spray hood and bimini offer excellent so far unused boat surfaces for solar energy. TX-Solar modules with textile frames for textile surfaces on board. Light-weight, flexible, foldable with unique portability!

    SunWare TX-solar modules are manufactured from materials characterized by low weight and special strength. They are optimally suited for textile fastenings. Special cell inter-connectors will absorb vibrations and provide durable protection or on the bimini when transporting the folded module.

  • SemiFlex Solar Modules are ultra light weight solar modules which are perfectly suitable for mobile use such as camping holidays and outdoor activities, as well as for the fixed use on boats, mobile homes and trucks. The dark blue back-contact cells offer highest efficiency. They are highly efficient, light weight, flat, semi flexible, high power generation, small size, perfect for mobile applications for charging batteries, no sharp edges and aerodynamic.