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FoldUp PV Solar Panels

PV Logic FoldUp Solar Panels are are the most efficient way to keep a car, truck, boat or caravan battery charged. Whether preventing a car battery from going flat whilst parked at an airport or maintaining and extending the life of a caravan battery whilst in winter storage, these Foldup Solar Panels have the power to ensure your battery will work when you need it most. The Foldup Solar Panel is tough, encased in hard wearing ABS material and it can be used in all weather conditions – inside and out!

The premium crystalline twin solar panel system that neatly folds into briefcase style makes these tough and portable solar panels perfect where space, weight and convenience is crucial. The Foldup Solar Panel is ideal for caravans, boats and motorhomes and connects directly to the battery thanks to its integral charge controller. Sizes range from 4Wp,40Wp,60Wp and 90Wp.

Main Features are:

  • High quality solar cells for year round 12v battery charging
  • Perfect for cars, trucks, caravans, boats, motorcycles etc.
  • Support stand incorporated in the hard wearing body
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • In built LED charge indicator
  • Cable and connections to attach direct to battery terminals and an in car 12v socket