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Solbian Flexible Solar Panels

Solbian Energy has developed photovoltaic modules that offer an innovative design giving flexibility, lightness and high efficiency from each panel.

The flexible panels use high efficiency crystalline silicon so can adapt to any surface, such as a deck, wheelhouse of your boat, caravan or motorhome. These modules can also be used for many off-grid or grid connected applications. The module is Ultra light at only 2.35Kg compared with 14kg of a traditional panel and at only 1.5mm in thickness they are extremely thin and versatile.

Solbian offer two product ranges with the SL series offering monocrystalline cells delivering efficiency greater than 16.5%. The SP series uses special back contact monocrystaline cells with efficiency greater than 22.5%, the most efficient worldwide. The panels can be installed with a 10 degree curvature and once installed can be walked on.
Because of the versatility of the panels they can be offered with different installation solutions from structural double sided adhesive that will make it part of your boat deck to stainless steel eyelets that will enable easy installation and removal if needed.


Flexible, lightweight, walkable, extremely powerful and resistant to the harsh operating conditions of the marine environment,  with four fixing methods; Solbianflex modules meet the energy needs of onboard services.


Thanks to their flexibility and the special adhesive they are made of, Solbianflex panels allow an easy installation even on surfaces that are not completely flat, making them also suitable for mobility and installations on motorhomes surfaces.


Solbianflex panels also provide many solutions in the off-grid field: electric mobility, temporary installations (field hospitals, emergency tents), electrification of remote areas (mountain huts, wells and water treatment plants, desalination plants) etc...


Solbianflex panels are the first silicon based flexible modules to receive the IEC certification, passing very strict mechanical and aging tests. Therefore they are suitable for grid-connected installations.

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