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Apollo Flexible Solar Modules

ApolloFLEX MonoTM flexible monocrystalline solar modules charges your on board battery of your motorhome, caravan, boat or other vehicle automatically, silently and maintenance free for use in most environments, even with saltwater. Thanks to the ApolloFLEX Mono complete solar systems you are completely independent of the electric grid.The modules are weather-resistant with a long durability. One of the most important technical features of the ApolloFLEX MonoTM modules is the Sunpower-back contact solar cells which are the most efficient solar cells available in the PV marketplace at the moment. They combine a high charging voltage at high temperatures and an efficient charging capacity.They have MC4 connectors with cable, they are flexible monocrystalline and available in sizes 35Wp,70Wp and 107Wp.