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Sunware Textile TX Solar Modules

Sunware Textile TX Flexible Solar Modules are highly efficient crystalline solar cells providing the optimal power input for your devices or system on board, at sea or on land. The Sunware modules are extremely flat, only 5 mm and have no sharp corners or components. In addition to their use on sailing yachts and motorboats, these modules are also ideal for vehicle roofs of vans, trucks or any mobile or static surface where you want continued mobility.

The 200Wp module, the TX-42052 has been carried on board aircraft! The TX modules are stiched into an extremely robust textile frame or any fabric surfaces.Due to the constant demand for consumer devices to be re-charged this places a large demand on your existing load requirements and leaves the battery always free for your other critical devices that require battery power.

TX - light modules have a frame made of high-quality fabric. The textile edges are quick release Tenax tops. The module package contains a waterproof connector (cable plug / socket), Tenax bases for fabrics and a 10m cable for a very simple and quick installation. If the module is no longer needed, it can be removed quickly - Loosen the coupling connecting cable, open the Tenax, fold together and store the module. Thanks to its compact dimensions, there is always space .

The modules consist of one or more wings. For more bladed modules these are connected by textile joints. The cable between the modules running along the joints is protected and bending loads cannot interfere with the cable. The compact transport dimensions of the modules allow easy transport in the car and can be placed in almost any storage space on board. Even the 200Wp module - TX-42052 - this has been carried onto an aeroplane.