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VictronEasySolar InverterCharger

The Victron EasySolar is a Charge Controller / Inverter Charger all-in-one solar power solution. The EasySolar combines a MPPT solar charge controller, an inverter/charger and AC distribution in one enclosure. The product is easy to install, with a minimum of wiring.

The solar charge controller is a Blue Solar MPPT 75/50. The inverter / charger is a MultiPlus Compact 12/1600/70 or 24/1600/40. The MPPT charge controller and the MultiPlus Compact inverter/charger share the DC battery cables (included). The batteries can be charged with solar power (BlueSolar MPPT) and/or with AC power (inverter/charger) from the utility grid or a genset. Unique PowerAssist technology protects the utility or generator supply from being overloaded by adding extra inverter power when needed.