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Wind Monitoring

NRG Wind Monitoring produced the first internet enabled data logger which allows data to be collected without having to leave your desk. It uses a standard data card or NRG iPack which sends data to your email account over a standard or cellular telephone link to give an email with a data file at any chosen interval. Three wind speed and two wind direction channels are built in and up to seven additional sensors can be incorporated to meet individual needs and specifications.

Symphonie PLUS3 is the core of NRG Systems complete system approach: tower, logger and sensors all designed to work together specifically for measuring the winds energy.

The Symphonie PLUS3 data logger is both rugged and dependable. Its proven design means data is reliably collected and safely stored even in the most extreme weather conditions.

The Logic LeWL windlogger has been designed for small wind turbines no higher than 13 meters. Ideal to provide an initial wind site assessment and used worldwide by professionals for small scale projects. The LeWL is compatible with the Pro-D Anemometer and shares many features from the professional wind energy world: