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Wind Turbines

The wind turbine generators we offer can be used directly for 12V, 24V or 48V applications and appliances. There are many industrial or marine devices that use these voltages such as measurement systems, transmitters or navigational aids. Furthermore there are a large number of high-quality energy-saving devices manufactured, such as energy saving lamps, refrigerators, deep-freezers, water pumps, ventilators, consumer electronics, TV, radio and navigation equipment for both land based or marine applications. Appliances with 230V or 110V can be operated using an optional inverter.

Ideal fields of application for example are navigational aids, traffic control systems, environmental monitoring stations or transmitters as well as sailing yachts, caravan/campers, summer cottages and mountain shelters. In remote areas of developing countries where rural electrification is necessary these wind turbines provide electric power for whole families.

Multi-blade true symmetrical and twisted aerodynamic designs, wind tunnel tested, ensure maximum power from low wind speed and operate with low noise and minimal vibration. This concept is also using advanced electromagnetic and blade aerodynamics braking to increase reliability and safety.

We recommend our wind turbines as 'best of the breed' for quality, reliability & price / performance in their class.