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Solar Estimation

The Solmetric PV Analyzer combines I-V curve tracing with built-in advanced PV modeling to provide the fastest and most complete measurements available for commissioning and troubleshooting PV arrays. 

The new PVA-1000s is rated for use in PV systems up to 1000 Volts and along with the included SolSensor wireless PV reference sensor, provides many other significant features, including:

  • I-V curve measurement with high accuracy and resolution 
  • Easy to use allowing high measurement throughput (many strings per day)
  • Increased solar window for more testing per day
  • 100m wireless solar sensor range
  • SmartTemp method for high cell temperature accuracy

Solmetric PV Analyzer includes:

SolSensor Wireless PV Reference Sensor : Irradiance, module temperature, and tilt readings are captured at the instant the I-V curve is measured. Improves effectiveness of expected performance models. The SolSensor has a range of more than 100m and includes a module rail clamp and precision mounting system for accurate alignment.

PVA Test Leads : Enables connection directly to combiner box bus-bars.

I-V Data Analysis Tool : Excel macro for analysis of populations of curves and data plus report generation.