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4 Noks Elios4you Energy Monitor

4 Noks Elios4you Energy Monitoring Controls. Elios4you is a wireless energy monitor, that utilises your smartphone or tablet, for single-phase (domestic) and 3-phase (commercial) solar PV installations.

It can be used with the Power Reducer immersion controller to increase self consumption. The Power Reducer can be used standalone if monitoring is not needed.

Elios4you, a wireless energy management system that monitors generation, grid exchange and overall household consumption using the Elios4you app on a tablet, a smartphone or 4-Cloud on any browser.

  • Monitor anywhere, anytime with any smart device
  • Clear visualisation of energy usage pattern
  • WIFI enabled
  • Optional web portal for monitoring (4-Cloud), keeps 5 years history
  • Inverter independent
  • Tamper-free installation, simply power and clamp the sensors
  • Built in load relay
  • Optional pre-configured 7" android tablet, with the Elios4you app installed
  • App will receive data updates every 10s

Power Reducer

The Power Reducer proportional load controller automatically diverts surplus energy from a solar PV array to the immersion heater (or any other resistive load) before it is exported to the grid.

Elios4you Pro (3-Phase)

  • For 3-phase installs (up to 50 kWp)
  • Universal - independent from the inverter and any existing meter
  • Easy to use and install - retro-fit without any tampering
  • Monitor energy generated by the PV panels - sum of 3-phases
  • Monitor energy purchased from and sold to the grid - sum of 3-phases
  • Calculation of overall energy consumption - combination of self-generated and purchased energy
  • Transmission of measurement calculations to Smartphone, PC and 4-CLOUD using wireless technology
  • Data refresh every 5 seconds
  • Data storage of last 60 days with new updates every 15 minutes
  • On-board relay for threshold control - usually connected to a circuit
  • Serial connection to interface to 3rd party system e.g. battery storage
  • Report possible service anomalies:
  • Inverter alarm connected by clean contact (if available)
  • Thermal magnetic circuit breaker / Differential circuit breaker by auxiliary contact
  • Loss of performance notification if no generation between 10:00 - 14:00 hours

Elios4you Smart

The Elios4you Smart offers all the functionality of the standard Elios4you with the added benefit of controlling appliances via wirelessly controlled plugs and/or switches.

The Elios4you Smart plugs and switches are managed by the Elios4you app to optimise your consumption to times when you have excess generation that would normally be exported. 

Manage energy consumption of appliances cost-effectively, prioritise activation according to parameters or manually control  anytime, anywhere!

The Elios4you app is available now in both the App Store and Google play. There is a great demo function in the settings and it's free.

Google Play

App Store

Elios4you installation guide videos:

Product video 1

Product Video 2

Product Video 3