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Solar PV Panels

The solar PV panels we supply include the latest products and technology developments from the leading manufacturers in the photovoltaic field. The range of photovolaic (PV) modules available are suitable for use in all applications from small remote power needs to utility power generation and for all PV applications.

Monocrystalline solar PV modules have cells that are produced from wafers cut from a single crystal of silicon, making them the most efficient high output panels available.

Polycrystalline solar modules have cells that are produced from wafers cut from ingots of silicon containing multiple crystals rather than one single crystal, as is the case with monocrystalline cells. These ingots are cast rather than grown, which is the reason for the different structures of the grains within each solar cell.

Thin film solar modules are also referred to as CIGS and CIS modules. Thin film solar cells stand out not only because of their remarkable flexibility, but the fact that their minimal design makes them easy to manufacture. Our thin film solar panels are supplied by world leading companies who are renowned for their excellent production capacity, proven technological developments and superb conversion efficiencies.

These maintenance free panels have no moving parts, make no noise, cause no pollution, and will produce useful power even under a grey overcast sky.

A solar electric system has the advantage of being quick and easy to install with a minimal requirement for site preparation. Also their modular design allows the easy expansion of a smaller system if needs change.

Simple and reliable, they are ideal for

Off Grid Stand Alone Applications

  • Rural and remote power needs
  • Maintaining the charge in infrequently used batteries
  • Powering lighting, pumps & garden fountains
  • Charging batteries on boats and caravans
  • Providing reliable electricity supplies for properties off the grid

Grid Connected Applications

  • Domestic grid connected systems
  • Megawatt utility powerwatt generation
  • Integrated into building facades
  • Mounted on domestic roofs
  • Used as the roofing material itself

Photovoltaic systems are the only form of renewable energy that can be widely deployed in towns and cities. Where appropriate hybrid’ systems combining PV with wind turbines or other forms of power generation can give a balanced supply all the year round. 

Over it's estimated life, a PV module in a sunny climate can produce at least 20 times the electricity used in it's production.

All products supplied by us are manufactured under ISO 9001~2008 conditions and conform to all UK and international requirements such as UK MCS, CE EMC directives, IEC and UL. Specialist certifications will also be provided for explosion proof certification such as ATEX and IECEx certifications where required.