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Freeloader Globetrotter Bundle Solar Charger

Fast Charging power on the move ideal for powering any type of adventure.

Comprising of a Freeloader iSIS and a Supercharger 5W that when combined give you the fastest portable solar charging system you can get



  • 2 Years 

What’s Included.

  • Freeloader iSIS solar battery pack.
  • Gel Case for iSIS (Black)
  • Charging cable
  • Velcro fixing Straps x 3
  • Instruction manual 
  • Supercharger 5W
  • Supercharge link cable
  • Instruction manual 

Freeloader iSIS

Device Charging power
Smart Phone: up to 3x
GPS: up to 3x
Tablet: up to 1x
Camera: up to 3x
Portable Games Console: up to 3x
MP3: up to 4x
Raspberry Pi: 4 hours of use

Freeloader Supercharger 5W

Device Charge Time*
iPhone: 3 hours
E-reader: 2 hours
MP3 player: 2 hours
iPad: 10 hours
iSIS: 6 hours

  • Model: Freeloader Globetrotter Bundle
  • Manufactured by: Solar Technology


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