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Solar LED Park Light 12 W

PV Park Lamp LED Western SPL 12 W-Light 12 Kit. Park lamp for public areas and paths, 12W high efficiency LEDs, 950 lumens, incl. lamp bracket, module mounting structure, top of pole mount battery box, solar charge controller with time program function, 55Wp module, 60Ah sealed battery (no pole)


Ideal for lighting cycle tracks, public parks, gardens, tourist villages and camp sites. The new model with 12W high efficiency LEDs guarantees 8/10 hours of lamp activation with double the LUX on the ground compared with previous versions. The expense of digging trenches for the electrical connection is unnecessary with this system


  • High efficiency LEDs
  • Lamp bracket
  • Sealed battery
  • Top of pole mount battery box
  • MPPT solar charge controller with time program function
  • Module
  • Mounting structure


  • Model: Solar LED Park Light 12W
  • Shipping Weight: 75Kgs
  • Manufactured by: Solenttech