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BMZ Energy Strorage Systems


The BMZ ESS3.0 Energy Storage System is a new generation of robust and long-life lithium batteries. An integrated BMS supervises all relevant parameters and communicates data and alarms. In case of malfunction, it can enforce a system shutdown. Integrated fuses and safety vents guarantees a secure operation.are scalable up to 12 units.

The decisive advantages compared with conventional batteries:

  • 3 to 5 times longer service life, high cycle durability,
  • 97 % efficiency and an extremely compact design
  •  The systems are approved and compatible for use with the Nedap PowerRouter, SMA Sunny Island 6.0H, 8.0H and SMA Sunny Boy.
  • Energy Storage Systems

    Energy Storage Systems supplied and installed by Solenttech use modular lithium-ion energy storage technology, solar power generated and stored in battery modules for immediate use or for future energy consumption requirements.

    Energy can either be fed into the grid by an inverter (Nedap or SMA) when suitable or can be accumulated in the energy storage system. The energy is available when required: in the evening, at night and on days with less sunshine.

    As a producer of solar energy using an Energy Storage System (ESS) the user is more independent and not reliant upon the grid and therefore use energy when they need it.

    The systems we supply and install are approved by and compatible with Nedap and SMA grid inverters.

    The grid is changing with levels of renewable generation predicted to rapidly increase and loads such as plug in electric cars predicted for the following reasons:

  • Power system integrity, reliability and quality will become critical considerations when considering the connection of new generation and loads.
  • Innovative new power electronic grid support solutions will become available allowing higher levels of renewables grid penetration than previously thought possible.
  • New methods for peak load levelling, providing spinning reserve and system frequency control will become available.

  • Model: BMZ ESS3.0
  • Manufactured by: Solenttech