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Smart Energy Phoenix Pro AC1600 Power System

Smart Energy Phoenix Pro AC1600 Power System, 24VDC, PV 880W, Blue Solar MPPT 100/30, charge current 30A, Phoenix Compact 24/1600, AC 1,6kW, 230VAC/50Hz, BMV-700, fuses and breaker, powder coated cabinet, IP54

The SEI plug'n'play cabinet series represents smart solutions for the power supply of remote locations. German manufacturing and the use of high-grade components guarantee a quality standard that meets the demands of private and industrial customers.

All electrical components are pre-assembled and pre-wired in a compact control cabinet. Each system is tested and delivered ready-to-operate. The plug‘n‘play concept guarantees a simple and error-free installation and commissioning on site.
The cabinets are equipped with inverter in combination with PV MPPT charge controllers. All systems include a battery monitor for accurate battery state of charge determination. An optional upgrade enables remote control and monitoring.

The system’s central DC and AC input/output terminals are clearly arranged. The solar generator can be safely disconnected from the system by a PV circuit breaker. NH fuse switches as well as circuit breakers (CB/RCD) secure all DC and AC circuits. If required, all inputs and outputs can be equipped with surge protection devices.

The cabinets are available for wall and/or ground installation. A thermally controlled fan system maintains a constant temperature inside the cabinet and ensures a long life of the electrical components.

Special Features

  • Pre-assembled all-in-one control cabinet
  • Use of Victron Energy Multiplus inverter/chargers and BlueSolar MPPT chargers
  • Shunt-based digital battery monitor Victron Energy BMV-700
  • Standard-compliant fuse and switch components
  • Well arranged AC and DC input/output terminals


  • Model: Phoenix Power Pro AC1600
  • Manufactured by: Smart Energy Systems