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Outback Power MATE3 System Display and Controller

The MATE3 System Display and Controller is an OutBack product designed to accommodate programming and monitoring of a Grid Hybrid power system. The MATE3 provides the means to adjust the factory default settings to correctly match the installation where needed. It provides the means to monitor system performance and troubleshoot fault or shutdown conditions. It also has data logging and interface functions using the Internet. Once settings are modified using a MATE3, the MATE3 can be removed from the installation.

The settings are stored in the non volatile memory of the Radian. However, it is highly recommended to include a MATE3 as part of the system. This provides the means to monitor system performance and respond quickly should it be necessary to correct a fault or shutdown condition.

The MATE3’s Configuration Wizard is capable of automatically configuring inverters to a series of preset values. This is often more efficient than attempting to manually program each setting in each inverter. Affected fields include system type, battery charging, and AC source configuration. (For more information, see the MATE3 Owner’s Manual). NOTE: The Radian Series Inverter Charger can only be used with MATE3 firmware revision or higher.

  • Model: Outback Power FX-MATE3
  • Shipping Weight: 6Kgs
  • Manufactured by: Outback Power