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Elios4you transmitter and clamp and 2 CTs - E4U-EN

Elios4you transmitter and 2 clamp sensors - E4U-EN

Elios4you, a wireless energy management system that monitors generation, grid exchange and overall household consumption using the Elios4you app on a tablet, a smartphone or 4-Cloud on any browser.

  • Monitor anywhere, anytime with any smart device
  • Clear visualisation of energy usage pattern
  • WIFI enabled
  • Optional web portal for monitoring (4-Cloud), keeps 5 years history
  • Inverter independent
  • Tamper-free installation, simply power and clamp the sensors
  • Built in load relay
  • Optional pre-configured 7" android tablet, with the Elios4you app installed
  • App will receive data updates every 10s

Data Sheet

The Elios4you app is available now in both the App Store and Google play. There is a great demo function in the settings and it's free.

Google Play

App Store

Elios4you installation guide videos:

Product video 1

Product Video 2

Product Video 3

  • Model: Elios4you transmitter - E4U-EN
  • Shipping Weight: 15Kgs
  • Manufactured by: 4-Noks


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