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4-noks Elios4you Smart- E4U-S-EN

The 4-noks Elios4you smart offers single-phase monitoring showing generation, consumption & import/exporton an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. You can also control up to 4 plugs/switches to utilise excess generation by switching appliances on and off.

4-noks Elios4you Smart

The Elios4you Smart offers all the functionality of the standard Elios4you with the added benefit of controlling appliances via wirelessly controlled plugs and/or switches.

The Elios4you Smart plugs and switches are managed by the Elios4you app to optimise your consumption to times when you have excess generation that would normally be exported.

Manage energy consumption of appliances cost-effectively, prioritise activation according to parameters or manually control  anytime, anywhere!

  • 70mm wide (~4 spaces in consumer unit)
  • Includes 2 CT clamps with 1m cables (1 for generation, 1 for import/export)
  • For single-phase installs upto 15kW
  • 2 years EU manufacturer's warranty


  • Q: What if I already have a standard Elios4you? 
  • A: You can turn it into an Elios4you Smart by replacing the front with a Red Cap.
  • Q: Can I use the Power Reducer with it?
  • A: Yes, the terminals for the signal cable to the Power Reducer are on all of the transmitters.
  • Q: Will I ever import or export energy?
  • A: This will be avoided as much as possible by switching appliances on and off but you will export when there is nothing left to switch on/off.
  • Q: Can I monitor and control appliances remotely?
  • A: Yes, providing your Elios4you and phone/tablet has internet access and the transmitter has been configured to transmit via 4-cloud.

Elios4you App

The Elios4you app is available in both the App Store and Google play. There is a great demo function in the settings and it's free.

Optional web portal for monitoring on any browser. If you have multiple systems or your an installer 4-Cloud can help you monitor all your systems in one convenient place.
Costs: €15 per device per year.

  • Model: 4-noks Elios4you Smart E4U S EN
  • Manufactured by: 4-Noks


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